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Spenser's Blog

We went out to Dinner for a birthday celebration over the weekend.  Spenser and I were both nervous. Spenser because he hadn't been to this restaurant in over a year and me because I wasn't sure how he would react.  I asked if he would like some Tacos and he said no.  His tone was gruff.  He started to make jesters letting me know he wanted to go home.  I told him I would order the food to go and he could eat it at home.  That seemed to calm him a bit.  Our drinks were severed and  I asked Steve if I could see the menu again.  He held it up and away teasing me and not letting me have it.    Spenser was amazing in that he laughed then grabbed the menu, said Stephen George shaking his head and handed me the menu.  I was stunned.... First time ever he understood a joke was going on, participated in said Joke then stopped the teasing by giving me the menu.  WOW turned out to be a great night.  He even ate his dinner with the rest of us.   He never ceases to amaze me.

I arrived home from work and my lovely husband had dinner prepared and waiting for me.  Spenser was already at the table.  We talked about the day and ate our dinner.  After dinner  Spenser took his plate to the sink then turned to his Dad and gave him two thumbs up.  We were both taken back but rebound after our surprise and clapped at his method of communication letting his Dad know how much he appreciated the dinner.  I have to say while I am grateful for the dinner I wasn't entirely sure it warranted to thumbs up.  But what the heck.......Two thumbs up it is.  Way to go Spenser. 

Steve taught Spenser a new phrase, “No Thanks.” In my ever ending search for healthy meals or snacks I made Kale chips. They did not look wonderful but tasted darn good. Steve was out grilling a few hamburgers and came back into the kitchen at which point I offered him my delightful snack option. He took a look and said mmmmmmm No thanks. Spenser was coming around the corner during this exchange and I said, “look Spenser a new chip made from Kale. Try one.” He gave my plate a thought look, and then the smile appeared at which point he said, “No thanks.” Come on boys!!! …..I ate the chips. Moving on the the next healthy snack.


We were flying high because we recently had an opportunity to have Spenser’s story air on Channel 27 First Kansas New with Natalie Davis.  The support for Spenser has been overwhelming.  Such a wonderful experience.  Then the other shoe dropped.  He came down with a cold.  We are so very blessed because he is never sick, that being said it also means he doesn’t react well to a cold.  You could tell his throat was hurting by his voice and his unwillingness to eat.  It is always a concern because he can go to the extreme and not eat for a long period of time.  I offered a variety of foods including ice cream and pudding.  I received a resounding NO, on each offer.  I asked if the wanted asprin or a cold medicine and you would of thought I told him he had to shave his head.  I recognize a caged tiger when I see one and I was not going to poke it again.   Latter that evening he pointed to his chest and made a circular motion.  I asked if he wanted vicks on his chest.  He said yes so after his shower I obliged.  He then looked ever so forlorn and asked for ice for his throat.  Now I can see the man child coming out full force.  I went down stairs and got him ice, and cold medicine.  He seemed to appreciate my efforts but he kept making a wrapping gesture around his neck.  I went back down stairs and got the blue insulated wrap from the freezer.  When I arrived  back to his room I was pleased to see he had taken the medicine.  I held up the wrap and said, “is this what you wanted.”  He smiled and wrapped it around his neck…..Made me shiver just watching him.  The next day he was better. So there you go, if your throat hurts wrap it in an ice pack! Who knew.


We have seen a lot of activity on Spenser’s blog from Japan.  Spenser’s focus photos are being downloaded.  I can not determine for what purpose so we are removing the poetry in motion and dragon nest photos from his blog and acrchive.


I just had the worst shower of my life and as you all know that is quit a few years to lable this one the worst.  Some of you may not be aware that we are gluten free with Spenser’s diet.  At least we are making every effort to be gluten free.  Sometimes he does eat a wheat product and it gives him terrible gastric issues.  Well apparently today was one of those days.  How do I know that you ask.  I know that because I was in the shower when he started to flush, and flush, and flush!  Each flush changes the water temperature….each flush!!! Wow I shout too hot. HOT HOT HOT, over compensated tooooooooooo cold.  Goodness did the neighbor hear that scream, does Steve think I have died.  Quick wash rinse rinse rinse.  Started to pray for the lord to help Spenser so he would quite flushing.  Done… out, now I need a nap used up way to much engery already today.


When I arrived home from work yesterday Steve announced that our cable bill was up $40.00.  Really I said, “I don’t remember renting that many movies!”  Turns out Steve and I did not.  It was a collective charge of Steve, myself and you got it —Spenser!  This is with a parental control password that we found we needed last year when Spenser rented Elf three times and it was running 24 hours free at the time.  So how did the little weasel find out the code.  It is not written down and I can assure you we do not repeat it out loud as we enter it!  Actually I don’t even think he was in the room when we rented a movie!  I am racking my brain trying to figure out how he managed to get it and use it!  I am clueless, Spenser is not.  I asked if he enjoyed Despicable Me 2 and Turbo and he did respond “Like”.   There you have it blindsided by his cunning abilities.  Who would of thought that A) we needed a Parent control password and  B) that we need to change said Parent control password!!!!!!!!


Spenser has a habit of following myself or his Dad around the house when he is board.  He watches everything you do and it can be a tad un-nerving.  You never know exactly what he is taking away from the “job shadowing.”  Sometimes I try to make suggestions to him along the lines of, “maybe you could be helping with the laundry instead of watching me do the Laundry.”  That doesn’t usualy get much of a rise out of him.  He will pick up the laundry basket and carry it upstairs but he is right back with his velco attachment as soon as that job function is finished.  I headed upstairs that particular day to finish getting ready for work and my shadow followed me into the bathroom where I was reviewing my earring options.  On a whim I held up two different earrings, one on the left and one on the right and asked which one he liked better.  The look he gave me was hilarious.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind!  He even rolled his eyes as if to say, “Guy here, I don’t do earrings!”  I started to laugh and take the earrings down when he stopped me look from side to side and made his choice!  Amazing.  I learn several things this day;  he does have a fashion opinion even though he is a guy and to be sure not to hold up anyting I am not prepared to wear.  He took this request quite seriously.  Now it is a ritual….Will I ever learn.


When Spenser rides in the car he generally grabs the front seat leaving his Dad to sit in back.  His Dad is a good sport but does get his revenage with the “slug bugs.”  He will see a volkswagon shout slug bug and hit me!  Now I personally think that is just wrong so I share the love and when I see a volkswagon I yell slug bug and hit Spenser.  I have to admit he is not real fond of the practice but he is sitting in front and I can’t reach his Dad, sooooo.  The other day we were both out front.  Spenser was doing his thing with his chalk and I was trying to get a handle on the weeds in my flower garden.  All of a sudden he hits me, I was so shocked as he has never done anything like that before.   I wasn’t sure how to respond and then he mumble something.  I couldn’t understand what he said until I spotted the volkswagon.  I was just slug bugged!


I have a lovely Snowman globe in my bedroom. I watch it every night because it has a fan that stirs up the sparkles and makes them look like little tiny dancers. Spenser does not appreciate my whimsy and it is driving him insane. I say this because roughly twice a week he tries to convince me to put it in the basement with the other Christmas decorations. He comes to me and signs Christmas is done, done again for extra measure. I explain I like my globe not just for Christmas. He once again explains to me Christmas is over. I can see he is frustrated with my apparent stupidity and not understanding that Christmas is done. Round and Round we go neither willing to concede. The other day I came home and headed to my bedroom. There might as well have been a spot light glaring on the empty place on my dresser where the snow globe used to sit. My snow globe had been kidnapped. Lucky for me I knew it was annoying only one person. I said, “Spenser please bring me my snow globe from the basement.” He was just around the corner and grudgingly brought back my globe. I smiled, turned it on and set it down.   Spenser  looked at it contemplated the situation and said, “off.” Oh my here we go.


The other day we stopped over at Big lots because Spenser likes their stick on tattoos. Steve hopped out and was half way to the store but Spenser was waiting at the front of the car for me. I had my cell phone in one spot and my billfold in another and was trying to gather them up to put in my purse. I was finally organized and got out to meet him at the front of the car so we could walk in together. It was on the tip of my tongue to thank him for waiting for me when I hear under his breath …. slow.


Spenser attends a day service and takes a sack lunch. It falls to Steve to make his lunch and lately Spenser has been following Steve around when he is trying to put his lunch together, he doesn’t say anything he just waits until his Dad has the lunch packed and is placed by the door. That is when he gets it and takes out whatever he doesn’t want and puts that item away.   Steve was getting a little frustrated with Spenser and told him to make it himself if he doesn’t like the selections. Guess what … Sunday Spenser’s lunch sack appear by the door and Steve asked me if I had packed a lunch, I told him no and said I thought he had. He said no. We peeked inside when Spenser wasn’t around and sure enough it was a lunch with two burritos and applesauce and a tea for a beverage! Amazing all we had to do was ask! Never would have guessed that. What a smart Guy.

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